addiction All About Gambling Addiction

All About Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction has no definite cause. No one can tell whether or not a person is prone to it. However, certain studies show that gambling may have an inherited component as individuals with any history of addiction in their families are at a high risk of becoming compulsive gamblers.

Other probable causes of gambling addiction include the unwillingness and inability to accept reality, emotional immaturity and insecurity, which can turn into reluctance to grow and take responsibilities, and a subconscious feeling possessed by people in which they would like to lose money because they like to hurt and punish themselves.

All About Gambling AddictionFurthermore, gambling addiction can also be caused by the influences of life experiences of a person. These experiences may include those of early childhood and adolescence, past trauma, and current stressful events. In addition, an individual who started to gamble at an early age increases his odds of having this kind of addiction.

Lastly, the environment of a person can also be a cause of this type of addiction. An individual is in danger of having this problem if he spends prolonged hours with peers that are gambling fanatics who in turn encourage him to join their fun. Similarly, a person has a great chance of having a gambling problem if he stays or resides in a place where various casinos, horse race tracks, lotteries, and bingo halls are prevalent.

Online Gambling Addiction

Online gambling gives individuals a more convenient way of having a bit of recreation and pastime. It eliminates the need of having to go to gambling establishments such as casinos and bingo halls. For instance, an individual, after a long day at the office, can open his computer at home and visit a website which has online pokers or slot machines to lighten up and have an hour or two of gambling fun.

When done moderately, this form of entertainment can be a good way to relax and even win a few bucks. However, the excessive and uncontrolled use of online games can cause an individual to become addicted to the said form of gambling. Online gambling addiction occurs when a person can no longer restrain himself from gambling through the Net. Once it is ignored and not properly dealt with, online gambling addiction can cause serious harm to a person and to the people around him.

Incidentally, those who have become addicted to gambling through the Internet can also acquire help through the World Wide Web. There are websites that contain helpful articles and programs which individuals can refer to if they feel that they are becoming addicted to gambling online. In addition, there are e-groups which they can subscribe to. These online groups provide counseling to people with gambling problems and allow their members to share their experiences through web postings and emails.

Lastly, although online help is available to people with gambling problems, self-help is still the first step towards defeating the addiction. An individual can start by avoiding all sites containing gambling services; furthermore, he can set the configuration of his Internet browser to prevent it from accessing these sites. He can also spend less time in front of the computer and focus on other activities like hobbies.