addiction More About Addiction to Gambling

More About Addiction to Gambling

Addiction to gambling is a behavior that causes disruptions and problems in any main aspect of life, whether social, physical, psychological, or vocational.

Gambling addiction may be classified into two kinds: escape gambling and action gambling. Escape gambling refers to the act wherein a person seeks to cover up certain feelings of pain or major life crisis. The individual focuses on the part of gambling which gives a numbing effect. Slot machines and other singular outlets are the usual preferences of escape gamblers. On the other hand, action gambling refers to the act in which an individual is obsessed with the rush brought about by taking risks. Action gamblers normally join games consisting of many people, since majority of the thrill lies in the identity or appearance of being a “winner.”

Regardless of its kind, the effects of gambling addiction can be dire. First, it can cause an individual to lose huge sums of money, which should have been spent on other more important things. Some people that are addicted to gambling would even go so far as taking their savings and using it for their addiction. Second, it can ruin the home life and the relationships of a person. Gambling addiction can cause an individual to have a negative change on his attitude. He can become bad-tempered, withdrawn, neglectful, and irrational. Since his friends and family are the people closest to him, they will be the first ones to be affected by this change.

Gambling Addiction Treatment

Gambling addiction is a disease that is progressive in nature. In most persons, it gradually begins and worsens until their lives become more and more unmanageable. Most compulsive gamblers would refrain from their habit but for a definite period of time only. For them to stop gambling permanently, these people must get professional help in the form of gambling addiction treatment. A person who has decided to acquire this kind of help has to choose between two major kinds of programs.

First, a gambling addiction treatment can be done through an in-patient program. This program requires the patient to take a break from his job, leave his family, and enter a medical establishment for a specific length of time. The patient will have sessions with professionals such as counselors and psychiatrists, and he will receive certain medication if the need arises. This option may be appropriate for gamblers that have a more severe level of addiction.

More About Addiction to GamblingSecond, the treatment can be done through an out-patient program. In this option, the patient will follow a program that involves a sequence of meetings for a specific number of days per week. In these meetings, the patient will receive lectures and join in group therapy, and a professional counselor will assist him in developing a specialized treatment plan. The patient will continue attending the meetings until he has fully learned the fundamental self-help and recovery skills.

Regardless of the kind of program, gambling addiction treatment requires the support of the family of the patient. A separate group for counseling is attended by families. In these groups, family members learn what gambling addiction means and what they can do to improve the recovery of their loved ones.