blackjack Tips to online gambling blackjack players

Tips to online gambling blackjack players

Every online gambling game is unique in a way, and all of them undoubtedly offer to get an incredible experience. However, the majority of modern gamblers prefer to play online gambling blackjack, which enjoys a huge popularity thanks to the combination of relatively simple rules and the factor of luck. What is also peculiar about this game is that the chances to win are rather good provided that a player uses an effective strategy and follow professional tips. It is relatively easy to learn how to play this game and it is even relatively easy to learn how to win. In this article players will be revealed some secrets of playing online blackjack, which will increase the odds significantly.

In fact, there is nothing complex or mysterious about them, but nevertheless they are rather useful. And it is possible to apply such tips not only to the traditional blackjack game, but also almost to all available variants of blackjack in the web. First of all, it is necessary to understand the difference between the hands and to know, that in general players classify the hands into two types. Depending on a hand it is possible to figure out a pattern of behavior and to make wise and profitable decisions. So there is a soft and a hard hand. A soft hand means that a player has an Ace and any other card, excluding the one worth of Ten. And it is called soft, as an Ace may be either 1 or 11, depending on the preferences of a gambler. A hard hand is a hand with ten and any other card except an Ace. It is called hard, as the value of a card cannot be changed.

So every hand determines a general pattern of behavior. Let’s start from the soft hand. In this case everything depends on what another card a player has. And when players have a soft hand, there is less risk to bust, what is definitely good. Let’s take an example. Suppose that a player has an Ace and 8, and the total sum may be either 19 or 9. 19 is rather good, as it is really close to 21, and a player may stop. But at the same time it is recommended to risk and to take one more card to try for better combination. It is especially suitable for the cases, when it is allowed to hit several times.

Now let’s turn to a hard hand in online gambling blackjack and investigate this topic more seriously. It is necessary to be more careful when a player has a hard hand, as the risk to exceed the total of 21 is rather high. For example, when a player has 10 and 9, almost as in the previous example, he gets in total 19. The chance to get two is too little, so it’s better to stop there and not to risk. The general rule in this case sounds as never hit, if you have 16 or better. And it is even recommended to double down the sum of a bet in this case. However, when a player has 16 in total, he can risk and take one more card to increase winning chances.

And let’s turn to the case when a player has two Tens. In this case an online casino offers to split the hands, as there is a rule, according to which a player can split a pair and play two separate hands independently. However, is it worth splitting two Tens? No, it isn’t, as their total values 20, what is the closest possible to 21. If a player splits such two hands and plays them separately, it is more probable that in one case he will get less total amount of points and in the other case he may bust. Anyway, the game will be lost. This rule is called “Never split your Tens”.


So now player know the secrets of online blackjack and now they can significantly increase winning odds, playing this game. Follow them, as they are easy to apply and to understand. Never miss a chance to increase the chances to win good money.