blackjack Variants of online gambling blackjack

Variants of online gambling blackjack

Variants of online gambling blackjack

Modern online casinos provide players with all the opportunities to choose the game they like most of all. However, today players can meet not only traditional blackjack, but some other variants of this card game. Let’s see what games, based on blackjack, exist at gambling sites today.

Blackjack Double Exposure

It is the first version of this game with same basic blackjack rules. But there are some modifications, which make it unique in a way. So a dealer plays with two cards face up, which gives a certain advantage to a player. But at the same time all cases of tie are won by a dealer. The house edge is 0.7%.


Pontoon is the next popular variant of blackjack, which gives more opportunities to a player to vary bets. So in this case a player has a chance to get five cards and if he gets them and doesn’t exceed, it is also a win. Moreover, a player at a gambling site can split and re-split the cards and double the bet with any number of cards at a hand. If he has 15 or less points, he has to get one more card.

At the same time a dealer plays with cards face down and wins in all cases of tie. Moreover, there is no insurance bets in this game. However, it is a very profitable variant of blackjack for a player, as if he uses an optimal strategy, then the house edge is only 0.17%.

Caribbean 21

It is one more game with rather low house edge and pretty interesting rules for a player. The major difference, perhaps, is that Ace always counts for 1. And in fact Caribbean 21 is the combination of two Tens and an Ace. During this game a player can double any time he likes or split the cards. There is also a chance to stop during any moment of this game, but in this case a player inevitably loses the half of his bets.

As for a dealer, he plays only with one card face up and he also wins in all cases of tie. The house edge doesn’t exceed 0.2%.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is also based on blackjack game, though it offers quite unique rules and even the suit of cards is different. It is played with 6-8 suits, where there are no Ten cards (though Jacket, Queen and King are available for players). It certainly increases the house edge, but at the same time a player also receive several good options. So he can double any time, and even double when he splits the Aces. Moreover, it is possible to surrender at any moment of the game.

As for the wins, a player has certain opportunities to get more money. 21 points with 5 cards pay off 3:2, with six cards – 2:1, and with seven cards – 3:1. Moreover, such combinations of cards as 6-7-8 and 7-7-7 pays off 3:2, if they are of different suits, 2:1, if they are of the same suit and 3:1, if all the cards are of spades.

Super Fun 21

Playing Super Fun 21 a gambler has some good opportunities to increase winning chances, and the only disappointment that blackjack pays off 1:1.

So a player can split the cards even 4 times and he can re-split the Aces after their splitting again. Moreover, it is possible to double, to hit and to surrender at any moment of the game.

So if a player has 20 points or less with six cards he automatically wins as well as both a dealer and a player has 21 points. Moreover, 21 points with five cards pay off 2:1 if there were no doubles. Blackjack of diamonds pays off 2:1.

And the house edge is 0.75%.

Blackjack Switch

It is the last variant of the game with slightly complex rules and with a very low house edge of 0.05%! if you use an optimal strategy.

So in this case a gambler plays with two hands at the beginning. And he can switch two upper cards if he sees that it will increase winning odds. A dealer plays with one hand, and when he gets 22, it is considered to be a tie.